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1946 Form a private firm "Hanwa Shokai"
1947 Establish "HANWA CO., LTD."
1948 Open Tokyo Office (present Tokyo Head Quarter)
1949 Join "Japan Iron and Steel Federation"
1952 Open Nagoya Office (present Nagoya Branch)
1953 Start trading with People's Republic of China
1957 Establish Hanwa scholarship foundation
1959 Supply steel material for TOGU-GOSHO, Crown Prince's Palace
1960 First published NEN-RIN, company news leter
1961 Open "FUNABASHI warehouse (Tokyo)" (present Hanwa Logistics Tokyo Funabashi Factory)
1963 Listed on the second section of the Osaka Stock Exchange
1964 Open Hong Kong Office (present Head Quarters of Hanwa Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd.)
1965 Open New York Office (present Head Quarters of Hanwa American Corp.)
  Open Bombay Office (present Mumbai Office)
1967 Join JETRO
1968 Open Seattle Office (present Hanwa American Corp. Seattle Branch)
  Establish Hanwa American Corporation
1970 Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
1971 Open Singapore Office (present Hanwa Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.)
  Establish Hanwa Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd.
  Listed on both the first section of Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchange
1972 Open Teheran Office in Iran
  Open Bangkok Office (present Hanwa Thailand Co., Ltd.)
  Completion of new premise of Tokyo Branch
  Open Bogota Office in Columbia
  Establish Hanwa Singapore (Pte.) Ltd.
  Open Miri Office in Malaysia
1973 Hanwa American Corp. open Los Angeles Branch
  Open Jakarta Office
  Chiyoda Co., Ltd. join Hanwa group
  S.K.Engineering Co., Ltd. join Hanwa group
  Open Beirut Office in Lebanon
1974 Completion of Nagoya Steel Center (present Hanwa Logistics Nagoya Co., Ltd.)
  Open Sandakan Office in Malaysia
1975 Open London Office (present London Branch)
  Open Kuwait Office
  Open "Nankou Steel Center(Osaka)" (Present Hanwa Logistics Osaka Co., Ltd.)
  Open Palembang Office in Indonesia
1976 Open Dubai Office
  Open Kuala Lumpur Office (present Hanwa (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.)
  Hanwa American Corp. open Houston Branch
  Establish Hanwa Thailand Co., Ltd.
  Establish Hanwa Health Insurance Society
1977 Launched company-wide online system
  Establish Hanwa employee's pension fund
  Open Riyadh Office in Saudi Arabia
1978 Open Las Palmas Office
  Open Taipei Office (present Head Quarters of Taiwan Hanwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.)
  Start direct trading with People's Republic of China
1980 Join Nippon Steel Corporation's "TOOKA-KAI", dealers' association
1982 Open Kota Kinabalu Office in Malaysia
  Open Jeddah Office in Saudi Arabia
1983 Establish C.P.U. Corp.
1984 Open Beijin Office
1985 Open Shanghai Office (present Head Quarters of Hanwa Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)
1987 Toryu Cement Corporation jointly established by Hanwa and Toryu Japan
1988 Establish "Keiyou Steel Center (Tokyo)" (present Hanwa Logistics Tokyo Co., Ltd.)
1990 Nishinihon Generator Mfg. Co., Ltd. join Hanwa group
  Capital participation to Shenzhen NS Steel Center Co., Ltd.
1991 Establish Hanwa (Malaysia) SDN. BHD.
1992 Establish Taiwan Hanwa Kogyo Co., Ltd.
1994 Establish Hanwa Logistics Center Co., Ltd.
  Open Vancouver Office (present Hanwa Canada Corporation)
1995 Capital participation to Dongguan Tetsuwa Metals Co., Ltd.
  Open Tohoku Branch
  Open Kyushu Branch
  Establish Hanwa Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  Establish Hanwa (Korea) Co., Ltd.
  Capital participation to Chang Fu Stainless Steel Center (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
1996 Open Tawau office in Malaysia
  Hanwa Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd. open Guangzhou Branch (present Guangzhou Hanwa Trading Co., Ltd.)
  Taiwan Hanwa Kogyo Co., Ltd. open Kaohsiung Office
  Hanwa Co., (Hong Kong ) Ltd. open Dongguan Branch
  Establish Halos Co., Ltd.
1997 Capital participation to Furukawa UNIC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  Establish Hanwa Alpha Business Co., Ltd.
1998 Used internal funds to repurchase and retire 100 million shares of stock
  Hanwa Logistic Center Co., Ltd. open Sendai warehouse (present Hanwa Logistics Tokyo Sendai Center)
1999 Hanwa American Corp. open California Office (present Los Angeles Branch)
  Capital participation to PCM Processing (Thailand) Ltd.
  Used tender offer to purchase and retire 80 million shares of stock
  Capital participation to Sohbi Kohgei (Phils.), Inc.
  Santo Steel Co., Ltd. join Hanwa group
  Hanwa Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd. open Zhongshan Office
2000 ISO14001 certified (Tokyo & Osaka HQ, Nagoya Branch Office, Tohoku and Kyushu Branch Offices)
  Launching own E-commerce,"hanwa-steel.com"
  Open Qingdao Office
  Establish Hanwa Canada Corporation
  Open Fuzhou Office
  Open Dalian Office
  Establish Hanwa Eco Steel Corporation
2001 Used Capital surplus to offset deficit and reduce capital
  Rebuild Hanwa Logistics Center Co., Ltd. to Hanwa Logistics Tokyo Co., Ltd., Hanwa Logistics Osaka Co., Ltd. and Hanwa Logistics Nagoya Co., Ltd.
  Open Chongqing Office
2002 Establish Hanwa Steel Services Ltd.
  Launching own E-commerce,"hanwa-lumber.com"
  Hanwa Co., (Hong Kong) Ltd. establish Guangzhou Hanwa Trading Co., Ltd.
  Establish P.T. Hanwa Indonesia
  Establish Fas-Link Co., Ltd.
2004 Establish Hanwa Steel Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  Hanwa Trading (shanghai) Co., Ltd. open Wuhan Branch
  Establish Wuhan Fubohe Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
  Hanwa Steel Service certified ISO9001 ver. 2000
2005 Open Wien Office (present Hanwa Europe B.V. Vienna Branch)
  Open Ho Chi Minh Office
  Participate Chrome business in South Africa
  Start operation Hanwa Steel Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  Establish Hanwa Steel Service (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
  Open Mumbai Office (present Hanwa India Private Ltd.)
2006 Open Hokkaido Branch
  Hokkaido Branch ISO 14001 Certified
  Establish Hanwa Alpha Denshi Co., Ltd.
  Establish Seattle Shrimp & Seafood Company, Inc.
  Establish Shanghai Huibishou Plastic Co., Ltd.
  Open Dubai Office (present Hanwa Middle East FZE)
  Establish Shobi Craft Poland Sp.zo.o
2007 Open Niigata Branch
  Open Hiroshima Branch (present Chugoku Branch)
  Niigata & Hiroshima Branches Certified ISO 14001
  Open Damman Office in Saudi Arabia
2008 Open Hanwa India Private Ltd. Mumbai Office, New Delhi Office
  Establish Hanwa Europe B.V.
  Capital participation to NS Saigon Coil Center Co., Ltd.
  Establish PT.Hanwa Steel Service Indonesia
  Open Hanoi Office
2009 Establish Hanwa Middle East FZE
  Open Johannesburg Office in South Africa
  Hanwa Europe B.V. open Vienna Branch
  Establish San Diego Vista Steel Service Corporation
  Open Kitakanto Branch
  Hanwa (Korea) Co., Ltd. open Busan Branch
  Investment Nippon EGalv Steel Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia
2010 Tokyo Head Office moved
  Open Okinawa Branch
  Combaine Showa Metal Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of Toyo Energy Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of Dikoh Steel Co., Ltd.
  Open Osaka-Nanko Branch
2011 Hanwa India Private Ltd. open Chennai Office
  Open Mito Branch, Atsugi Branch, Tohoku Branch Hachinohe Office
  Acquired stock shares of Mie Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  Establish Hanwa Metals Co., Ltd.
  Open Shizuoka Branch
  Establish Hanwa (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.,Hanwa (Dalien) Co., Ltd.,Hanwa Vietnam Co., Ltd.
  Hanwa Middle East FZE open Istanbul Liaison Office
  Acquired stock shares of Subaru Steel Co., Ltd.
2012 Establish Hanwa (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  Open of Okayama Branch
  Open Hanwa Logistics Kyushu
  Osaka Head Office moved
  Acquired stock shares of Hirouchi Atsuen Kogyo Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of Kaneki Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of SEIKI METAL INC Co., Ltd.
  Establish Hanwa Foods Co., Ltd.
  Opening of Hanwa Mexicana, S.A. DE C.V.
2013 Open Myanmar Office
  Acquired stock shares of San Ei Metal Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of Hokuriku Column Co., Ltd.
2014 Establish Hanwa Chile Ltda
  Establish Hanwa American Corp, Chicago Branch
  Acquired stock shares of Maruhon Honma Suisan Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of Matsuoka Steel Co., Ltd.
  Acquired stock shares of Nikko Metal Co., Ltd.
  Open Iwaki Branch
  Investment in Singapore-based COSMOSTEEL

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