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The Handling of Personal Information on This Website

HANWA EUROPE B.V. (hereinafter “Hanwa Europe”) regards the protection of information about individuals that can be used to identify specific individuals by means of name, date of birth, address, or other descriptions, etc. (hereinafter “Personal Information”) of customers who use the Website operated by Hanwa Europe (www.hanwa.co.jp/hanwa_nl/, hereinafter the “Website”) (hereinafter “Customers”) as Hanwa Europe’s social responsibility.

Customers can view this Website without disclosing Personal Information.

When collecting Personal Information for the purpose of providing specific services on this Website, Hanwa Europe clearly indicates the purpose of use and endeavors to protect the Personal Information obtained on the basis of the policy set forth below.

The scope of application of this policy shall be within this Website. Hanwa Europe cannot be responsible for Personal Information protection on other websites linked to this Website. Customers themselves should confirm on the linked websites the handling of Personal Information on websites linked to this Website.

1.Purpose of Use of Personal Information

When obtaining Personal Information from Customers, on each occasion Hanwa Europe clearly indicates the purpose of use and uses the Personal Information only for said purpose of use. In such cases, we request the provision of Personal Information within the scope necessary to respond to inquiries and the like after having clearly indicated the point of contact at Hanwa Europe. 

2.Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information, Etc.

Hanwa Europe responds within reason and without delay to requests for disclosure, correction, addition, or deletion of Personal Information provided by Customers that are made using the Inquiries form on this Website.

3.Provision of Information to Third Parties

Without lawful reason and advance consent, Hanwa Europe does not use or disclose to third parties Customers’ Personal Information except for the above purpose of use.

4.Secure Management of Personal Information

Hanwa Europe devises secure management measures to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or leakage of Personal Information provided by Customers.

5.Revisions to the Contents of This Page

Hanwa Europe may from time to time appropriately review and revise the contents of this page due to changes in laws or regulations or as otherwise necessary. 

Click here for Hanwa’s Personal Information Protection Policy.