Hanwa Co., LTD.

Non-ferrous Metals Division

Hanwa was one of the first companies in Japan to establish a non-ferrous metals and specialty metals recycling business. Operations involve mainly aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, stainless steel and other metals where demand is substantial in Japan. We have solid positions in these market sectors, backed by expertise in organizing business activities on a global scale, an advantage that only a trading company can offer. In our recycling business of aluminum cans, we fully utilize expertise in collection, inventory and supply activities to aluminum rolling plants.

In our primary metals business, we are increasing supplies of nickel, chromium, silicon, ferro-alloys and other metals. We accomplish this mainly by procuring metals directly from overseas producers in Russia, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Brazil, China and other countries. One more element of our global growth is materials for solar cells, a clean energy source that is attracting much attention.

Non-ferrous Metals

Hanwa has many years of experience in the recycling business for use as a low-cost raw material to users of non-ferrous metals in Japan and other countries. Demand for recycled non-ferrous metals continues to climb. We are meeting this demand in Japan and overseas, especially Southeast Asia. One way is through the international organizing skills that are unique to trading companies. We are also taking full advantage of our skill in expanding businesses. This enables us to excel across the entire supply chain:collection of materials for recycling, processing, inventory control, quality management and delivery to users. For recycling aluminum cans, our activities extend beyond the traditional domain of trading companies. With our own processing equipment, we can supply recycled materials that meet the requirements of aluminum-rolling plants.

In accordance with the Basel Convention, we import waste materials that are not recycled overseas to recover non-ferrous metals and other substances for reuse as basic materials. By recycling metal resources in this manner, Hanwa is helping protect the global environment.

Major products
Copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, tin, precious metal scraps


Hanwa established PT. Hanwa Royal Metals in 2013 in Indonesia by combining Hanwa's non-ferrous metal recycling operations with those of the Indoprima Group, a large Indonesian corporate group. This new company makes Hanwa the only Japanese company with its own non-ferrous metal recycling facility in Indonesia. With this company, Hanwa can provide materials and services just as in Japan.

Highlight 2 Seiki Metal Co.,Ltd.

In October 2014, Hanwa acquired 100% shares issued by Seiki Metal Co., Ltd. and Seiki became a Hanwa's subsidiary company. This company has an aluminum can recycling facility in the Tokyo area and plants in Nagoya and Oita for the production and sale of aluminum deoxidizer that is sold to blast furnace steelmakers. Combining the functions of a trading company and manufacturer will make it possible to achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Metals and Alloys

Hanwa is fulfilling its social obligation of supplying the metal resources that Japan requires.

We provide a reliable supply to companies in the steel, stainless steel, casting, aluminum, semiconductor and other industries from China, South Africa, Kazakhstan, India, Russia, Germany, Turkey and other countries where we deal directly. In addition, we maintain inventories throughout Japan and in some regions of China in order to quickly meet customers' needs. Our sales activities cover Japan as well as China, India, Southeast Asia and Europe.

Major products


Ferro-chrome, ferro-silicon, silico-manganese, metallic manganese, chrome ore

Highlight 1 Samancor Chrome Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

Hanwa is a shareholder of Samancor Chrome Holdings (Pty) Ltd., the largest producer of chrome in South Africa. We have the exclusive right to sell their ferrochrome in Japan and can sell chrome ore in Japan and China. We plan to increase sales in China as we use our reliable supply of ferrochrome to support the operations of end users.

Highlight 2 OM Holdings Ltd.

Hanwa has made an investment in OM Holdings Ltd., a publicly owned by Australian company that owns manganese mines in Australia and South Africa. Through a subsidiary, OM Holdings is constructing a ferroalloy plant in the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. This plant will produce ferrosilicon and manganese ferroalloys by using clean and inexpensive hydroelectric power. We will continue to build frameworks for the steady supply of materials to steelmakers in Japan and other countries as a strategic partner.

Special Metals and Alloys

Special Metals and Alloys Dept. handles a variety of metals associated with nickel. Activities include nickel, nickel & cobalt chemical, ferro nickel, stainless steel scrap, nickel ore, cobalt, molybdenum and other metals. We supply these metals to companies in Japan that manufacture stainless steel, specialty steel, battery materials and many other products. Supplying customers worldwide with these metals includes import, export and offshore trading operations as well as holding inventories in Japan and other countries. In addition, this business uses hedges on the London Metal Exchange to stabilize prices.

Major products
Stainless steel scrap, nickel cathode, scrap and primary resources for nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten, titanium and other special metals

Highlight 1 Showa Metal Co.,Ltd.

Hanwa combined Showa Metal Co., Ltd., Japan's largest recycler of rare metals in the field of special alloys and rare metal scrap operations in April 2010. A Showa Metal facility in the city of Kawasaki collects scrap nickel for sorting and distribution to stainless steel makers. At its Naoetsu facility in Niigata prefecture, Showa Metal operates a recycling system that meets the needs of a specific manufacturer, supplying high-quality titanium scrap for reuse as a raw material.

Highlight 2 Hanwa Metals Co.,Ltd.

This subsidiary was established in 2011 and operates a ferrous scrap collection facility in the Nanko (South Port) district of Osaka.

The yard is located at a port, making it easy to load large amounts of scrap on ships for delivery to stainless steel manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

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