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Environmental Activities

ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems

In April 2000,Hanwa gained ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems.

[Scope of ISO14001 certification]
Tokyo Head Office, Osaka Head Office, Nagoya Branch Office, Kyushu Branch Office, Branch Office

The Environmental Policy of Hanwa Co., Ltd.

[Basic policy]
Hanwa Co., Ltd., as a socially recognized trading company with the motto of "Footwork, Teamwork and Network", will strive to realize sustainable development so that future generations will be able to inherit a rich global environment through its business activities.
[Guidelines for Corporate Action]
1. Continuous improvement of the environmental management system.
Hanwa Co., Ltd. will implement and review its environmental objectives and goals based on this environmental policy, and operate and continually improve the environmental management system.
2. Compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations.
Hanwa Co., Ltd. will comply with relevant environmental international treaties, laws and regulations of Japan and related countries, and other agreements and requirements, etc.of the trade industry which Hanwa Co., Ltd., agrees to obey.
3. Contribution to a sustainable recycling system for an economic society.
By actively engaging in the recycling business etc., Hanwa Co., Ltd., will contribute to the realization of a sustainable recycling system for an economic society.
4. The effective use of natural resources and energy.
Hanwa Co., Ltd. will give careful consideration to the preservation of the global environment, and make use of resource and energy effectively.
5. Consideration of natural environment.
In addition to always considering the reduction of adverse environment impacts and making every effort to prevent pollution, Hanwa Co., Ltd. recognizes the critical importance of the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and will always take the natural environment into consideration.
6. Promotion of environmental awareness.
Hanwa Co., Ltd. will inform all employees of this policy and actively encourage them to recognize the importance of environmental preservation. This environmental policy will also be made available to the public.
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