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News Release : 2011


Hanwa’s additional investment in Electro Galvanized Steel Mill in Malaysia

Hanwa became a partner of Nippon EGalva Steel Sdn. Bhd. (N-EGALV) in Malaysia with 15% of shareholding in December, 2009, which manufactures and sell electro galvanized steel products. Hanwa is scheduled to acquire additional issued shares in N-EGALV through a share transfer and will hold 22.78% shares in N-EGALV in June, 2011.

At the same time, Nippon Steel Corp, who currently owns 10% shares in N-EGALV, will hold 50.1% shares in N-EGALV through a similar share transfer.

Malaysia is regarded as one of the largest production base for consumer-electronics such as flat screen TVs and audio instruments which require electro galvanized pro-ducts. Hanwa will respond to such demands quickly with stable supply in long term among keen competitions with other Asian companies.

Nippon EGalv Steel Sdn. Bhd.

Business Manufacturing and sale of electro galvanised steel sheets
Location Prai Free Industrial Zone, Penang, Malaysia
Establishment June,2006 (Commercial production began in February, 2009)
Capital 25million Ringgit (680million Yen)
Shareholders(after transaction, expected) Nippon Steel Corp. 50.1%
Tatt Giap Group Berhad 27.12%
Hanwa Co.,Ltd 22.78%
Area 40,000㎡
Production Capacity Electro galvanizing line : 150,000 tons /year


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