Hanwa Co., LTD.

News Release : 2012


Equity investment in SEIKI METAL INC Co., Ltd.

Hanwa has agreed to acquire the share of SEIKI METAL INC Co., Ltd. as follows.

15% of shares issued on October 1, 2012
82% of shares issued on September 30, 2014.

The name of SEIKI METAL INC Co., Ltd. will remain unchanged even after Hanwa becomes a major shareholder of SEIKI METAL INC Co.,Ltd. New company will keep all the staff and workers and continue to use its head office as a main office.
Present president Mr.Hirohiko Sugita will continue to assume the same position and Mr.Atsushi Sato(former General Manager of Non Ferrous Dept No.1 of Hanwa) will become a Director.

Campany profile of SEIKI METAL INC Co., Ltd.

Head office 5-5-25, Tsukuda, Nishiyodo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan
President Mr.Hirohiko Sugita
Establishment December 1950
Nature of Business Production & sale of deoxidizing aluminum for steel making
Turnover  Approx US$82 million( 2011)
  • The Hanwa Scholarship Foundation Corporate Citizenship
  • Chemicals Depts Retail Team