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Business Results

The products handled by the HANWA Co., Ltd. Chemicals Depts Retail Team are primarily imported from China and Southeast Asia, but we also have a wide selection of high-quality domestic products. Our aim is to enhance our lineup of high value-added products and daily necessities directly linked to consumer needs.

Product Name Major Products
Plastic shopping bags Plastic shopping bags, fashion bags, etc.
Garbage bags 20L, 30L, 45L, 70L, 90L, 120L, etc.
Other plastic bags Plastic food bags, stock bags, freezer bags, wet umbrella bags
Paper towels 100% pulp roll-type and boxed type
Toilet paper 100% pulp type, recycled type
Towels and wiping cloths Facial/hand towels, unwoven cloths, dust cloths
Dish cleaning sponges Unwoven sponges, aluminum sponges
Net strainers Polyethylene type, unwoven type, stocking type
Detergent Laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, hand soap
Gloves Disposable polyethylene type, cotton work gloves
Wet wipes Non-alcohol/alcohol types, baby wipes
Food containers Lunch boxes, sushi boxes
Cups Paper & plastic cups
Drinking straws Flexible & spoon type drinking straws
Side dish cups Aluminum/paper cups, chocolate cups
Disposable chopsticks & toothpicks Birch, aspen, pine
Refrigerants Soft type, hard type
Stationery Files, envelopes, tapes, clips

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Polyethylene Products


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