Hanwa Co., Ltd.

Disclosure Policy

1. Fundamental policy for disclosure activities
Hanwa bases all disclosure activities on the premise that the timely and proper provision of information is vital to retaining the trust of the public. Our fundamental policy is to conduct fair and extensive disclosure activities with the goal of maintaining sound communications with investors as well as the public.
2. Standard for disclosure of information
Hanwa provides information in accordance with laws and regulations in Japan concerning financial instrument transactions as well as with the timely disclosure regulations of the Japanese securities exchanges where Hanwa stock is listed. In addition to information covered by timely disclosure and other regulations, we make public many other types of information that we believe will be useful for gaining a better understanding of Hanwa and properly evaluating our business operations.
3. Disclosure methods
Information subject to timely disclosure regulations is announced using the stock exchange timely disclosure system (TDnet), as prescribed in these regulations. Information that was announced using TDnet is posted on our website as quickly as possible.
Information not subject to timely disclosure regulations is also made public in the interest of providing information in a timely manner. We exercise care to use suitable methods in order to make this information available to the public with accuracy and fairness.
We use the Electronic Disclosure for Investors' Network (EDINET) system of the Financial Services Agency for the disclosure of securities reports and other documents required by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act. In addition, our securities reports and quarterly reports can be viewed on our website.
4. Prevention of insider trading
For significant information under the insider trading regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, we have fulfilled our disclosure obligation once this information is registered on TDnet, where the information is available to the public. In accordance with insider trading regulations, once we have registered important information on TDnet and confirmed its availability to the public, we also disclose this information by posting it on our website. Hanwa's Disclosure Policy and Insider Trading Prevention Rules provide standards and other guidelines for public announcements of significant information and the handling of internal information. This provides for the rigorous oversight of insider information.
5. Silent period
In principle, there is a silent period of three weeks prior to each earnings announcement, including quarterly announcements. We establish this period for the purposes of preventing information leaks and ensuring fairness. During the silent period, we will not disclose financial information, make any comments about this information or respond to questions about this information. However, we will make an announcement in accordance with the timely disclosure regulations if we determine during the silent period that our financial performance will differ significantly from our forecast.
These silent period restrictions are not applicable to replies to questions concerning information that has already been disclosed.
6. Role of website for disclosure activities
Hanwa operates this website for the purpose of using the Internet to disseminate corporate information. To provide information in a fair manner, we post information on this website as quickly as possible following disclosure. However, there may be a delay in placing information on the website due to data and communications technology issues or other problems. Consequently, we use the website solely as a supplementary means of making information public.
This website does not contain a complete list of information that has been disclosed. Moreover, in some cases, information that has been disclosed is posted on this site using different expressions. Individuals who visit this website are asked to keep these points in mind when using the site.
7. Forward-looking information
Plans, strategies, statements and other information that is not based on historical facts contained in this website are forward-looking statements that embody risks and uncertainties. Actual results of operations may differ from these forecasts for a number of reasons.
8. Other items
In addition to this Disclosure Policy, please read the separate Terms and Conditions of Website Use, which includes a disclaimer, with regard to the use of information in this website. . Fundamental policy for disclosure activities
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