Hanwa Co., Ltd.


Financial Related

Q.01 When does Hanwa announce its financial results?
A.01Hanwa's ficical year is from April 1st to March 31st in the next year. Annoucemtnts of results are scheduled as below.
Please refer to the "IR Calendar" page.
You will find the "Recent Financial Data" "Financial Results" at the day of the announcements.
The First Quarter (from April to June) Early August
The Second Quarter (from April to September) Early November
The Third Quarter (from April to December) Early Februaly
The Fiscal Year (from April, to next March) Early May
Q.02 Where can I find data on the Hanwa's past performance?
A.02Please refer to the "Financial Highlights" page.
Q.03 How can I obtain Hanwa's annual reports?
A.03You can download them from "Annual Report" page.

Stock Related

Q.01 What is the Hanwa's stock code?
A.01Hanwa's stock code is "8078".
Q.02 Who are Hanwa's major stockholders?
A.02Please refer to the "Stock Data" page.
Q.03 Where shall I contact about stock transactions inquiry?
A.03Please refer to the "Stock and listing Information" page.
Q.04 What is Hanwa's dividend policy?
A.04Please refer to the "Dividend Policy" page.
Q.05 When are the record dates for dividends?
A.05The end of March for year-end dividends and the end of September for interim dividends. Please refer to the "Stock and listing Information" page.
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