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Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Involvement with Personal Information Protection
Hanwa Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Hanwa") strictly observes the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations concerning personal information about parties involved with Hanwa’s business or Hanwa’s employees handled in the course of business activities and strives to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized use of personal information. Consequently, Hanwa has devised the following measures for personal information protection.
  1. Hanwa will engage in personal information protection activities in its Compliance Committee and construct a system for the unified management of personal information centered on a person in charge of information handling.
  2. Hanwa will establish separately Information Management Regulation to specifically indicate actions that Hanwa's employees should take.
  3. Hanwa will engage in systematic education and training to inculcate Hanwa’s employees with personal information management.
  4. Hanwa will strive for suitable information management by periodically inspecting and evaluating compliance with Information Management Regulation and appropriately reviewing information management measures.
2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Hanwa obtains personal information necessary for the conduct of Hanwa’s business and use it for described below.
  1. Hanwa’s Business
    The sales and purchase, mediation, agency, wholesaling, importing and exporting, development, production, manufacturing, processing and repair, maintenance, administration, testing, letting, leasing, rental, and installation contracting of goods, resources, etc. as well as the logistics business, provision of services, etc. in wide-ranging fields including steel, non-ferrous metal materials, foods, petroleum and chemicals, machinery, and lumber.
  2. Purpose of use
    (i) To conclude and execute agreements and other business management
    (ii) To make communication and greet based on social custom
    (iii) To provide information about products, services and other business of Hanwa
    (iv) To conduct survey, analysis, research, audit and market reserch etc. related to Hanwa’s business
    (v) To exchange information and make communication with industry and organization personnel related to Hanwa’s business
    (vi) To respond to inquiries and opinions received by Hanwa
    (vii) To decision of adoption/non-adoption of applicant for a job opening, to provide company information to the applicant and to make necessary contacts
    (viii) To use personal information jointly with Hanwa and the Hanwa group
    (ix)To work related to the above
3. Disclosure or Provision to Third Parties
Hanwa does not disclose or provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the consent of the individual except in cases permitted under laws and regulations. However, Hanwa may provide personal information to contractors within the scope of the purpose of use. At that time, Hanwa enter into a non-disclosure agreement with contractors and supervise appropriately that contractors engages in information management equivalent to that of Hanwa.
4. Joint Use of Personal Information
Hanwa may jointly use the collected personal information as follows.
  1. Personal data details that will be used jointly;
    Company name, department, job title, name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address
  2. Scope of joint users;
    Hanwa and Hanwa group companies that are indicated on the list
  3. Purpose of use for entities using information;
    (i) For providing information about products, services and others related to Hanwa and Hanwa group’s business
    (ii) For researching and developing of new products and new services
    (iii) For noticing and contacting of business and checking enrollment
  4. Entity responsible for management of personal date that is used jointly;
5. Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information

When a person himself/herself wishes to be notified purpose of use, disclosure, correction, discontinuance of utilization or deletion (collectively hereinafter “Correction, etc.”) of his/her information in connection with personal data retained by Hanwa, Hanwa will respond to such a request as follows.

  1. How to receive requests for disclosure, etc. and response
    If you would like to request for correction, etc. of your personal information, please contact following points by mail enclosed a copy of identificational document (such as driving license, passport etc.). The documents will not be returned, Hanwa dispose the documents strictly according to sufficient safety measures.
    Hanwa will not accept requests for your direct visiting our office. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    Points of Contact

    HANWA Co.,Ltd.
    General Affairs Department
    1-13-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    104-8429, Japan

  2. If you would like to request for notified purpose of use or disclosure of your information in connection with personal data retained by Hanwa, please send Hanwa such request by mail including 550 yen stamp (international mail is more) for registered return-mail. If the fee is insufficient or not enclosed in the mail, we will notify you of that fact, but we will not process your request. We will appreciate your understanding.
  3. Cases where the Personal Information cannot be disclosed
    Hanwa is not permitted to respond to your request in the following cases:
    (i) where the identity of the applicant cannot be confirmed.
    (ii) where Hanwa is not able to identify your authority of representation.
    (iii) where there is a possibility of endangering life, limb or property, or any rights on benefits of the applicant or a third person.
    (iv) where there is a possibility of serious impeding the proper execution of the business of Hanwa and Hanwa group.
    (v) where such disclosure apparently violate laws or breaches public order and morals, and significantly runs counter to social justice.
6. Points of Contact for Inquiries

Please address any inquiries or complaints about personal information management at Hanwa to the following points of contact.
Hanwa will not accept requests for your direct coming. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Points of Contact

by mail HANWA Co.,Ltd.
General Affairs Department
1-13-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
104-8429, Japan
by telephone +81 (3) 3544-2171 (General Affairs Department, Tokyo Head Office)
+81 (6) 7525-5000 (General Affairs Department, Osaka Head Office)
+81 (52) 977-3494 (General Affairs Department, Nagoya Branch Office )

Established: April 1, 2011
Revised: September 26, 2017

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