Hanwa Co., Ltd.

Corporate Policy

Corporate Philosophy

Coping with changes times and the market quickly, we make a great contribution to society by satisfying various needs of customers as a"distribution specialist"

Success in today's markets demands speed and the ability to meet a broad range of needs. Change is occurring on an unprecedented scale. Only companies that can adapt quickly will survive. Hanwa has experience and accomplishments in the field of "distribution" that span more than half a century.

We know how to build powerful businesses and move quickly in the pursuit of value creation and customer satisfaction.

Dedicated to corporate citizenship, we want our business operations to help make communities and the world a better place to live. This is why we prioritize compliance and other activities that enable us to fulfill our obligation to society.

Through such activities, Hanwa keeps nurturing a corporate culture that will enhance the value and reliability of our company. We aim to make greater contributions by fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Corporate Policy

Hanwa Group Ethical Principles

Group Ethical Standards

Hanwa Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the "Hanwa Group")hereby adopts the following ethical standards as fundamental principles within its corporate ethos, to recognize constantly the role it should play in society and its responsibilities, and to establish a compliance program to ensure high corporate ethical standards. All directors, officers and employees are to observe and practice these ethical standards in their daily business activities.

Compliance with laws and social norms
Hanwa Group obeys the laws, international rules and other social norms, and promotes its business in accordance with society's good judgment.
Fair business activities
Hanwa Group recognizes that free and fair competition is the basic rule of the market economy, and maintains sound and highly transparent relationships with governments and public administrations.
Contribution to industrial society
Hanwa Group develops its businesses not just with a short-term perspective, but also with a long-term perspective, maintaining a three-way balance among society, the economy and the environment. Through its business activities, Hanwa endeavors to achieve a sustainable society.
Diligent information disclosure
Hanwa Group fully recognizes the depth of society's concerns with corporate activities, and communicates broadly with its shareholders and with society. Hanwa endeavors to maintain institutional transparency by disclosing information fairly and diligently.
Concern for the environment
Hanwa Group recognizes that concern for the environment is part of its responsibility to society. Hanwa Group voluntarily and diligently addresses environmental problems with a worldwide perspective.
Global harmony
As a multinational enterprise, Hanwa Group respects local cultures and customs, and seeks to contribute to the development of each community in which it does business.
Ensuring a free and generous workplace environment
Hanwa Group respects the character and personality of each employee. By diligently helping each employee shape his or her career and develop his or her abilities, Hanwa Group ensures a rich workplace environment. Recognizing that teamwork is the foundation of business success, Hanwa Group fosters a free and generous corporate culture where creativity abounds.
Promoting "good corporate citizenship"
Hanwa Group harmonizes corporate profits with societal benefits so that the fruits of our activities are widely shared in society. We voluntarily and diligently take steps that contribute to society.
Making people familiar with the ethical standards and developingthe in-house compliance program
In order for these ethical standards to be applied organically, The representatives of Hanwa Group will take the initiative and familiarize their colleagues with these ethical standards. We will also develop an in-house compliance program to see that the standards are applied efficiently and effectively.
Preventing the recurrence of misconduct and appropriate information disclosure
Hanwa Group will constantly monitor the effectiveness with which these standards are applied. If a violation of these standards should occur, we will promptly and thoroughly comply with our obligation to disclose the pertinent information and explain the circumstances, as well as to investigate the cause of such violation. In this way we will work to prevent any recurrence.

Rules of Ethical Business Conduct

Hanwa Group in accordance with its corporate ethical standards, hereby adopts the following rules of ethical business conduct, as concrete rules to ensure high corporate ethics in daily business activities. All directors, officers and employees are to observe these rules.

  1. Obey antitrust laws. Conduct transactions fairly and appropriately.
  2. Obey laws against unfair competition. Strive to maintain a market environment based on free and fair competition.
  3. When licenses or permits are required for any business, understand and follow the requirements appropriately.
  4. Obey the laws and regulations of each relevant country applicable to import and export transactions. Conduct trade appropriately.
  5. Respect intellectual property. Strictly preserve the company's intellectual property rights. Do not infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  6. Obey environmental laws and rules. Conduct a business activities which care about the world environment.
  7. Do not conduct unfair transactions in securities, such as insider trading.
  8. Obey laws governing political fundraising. Do not make illegal political contributions.
  9. Pay attention to information management and strive to maintain a sound information network.
  10. Respect human rights. Prevent unfair discrimination or harassment.
  11. Obey traffic laws and other laws, rules and social norms required for good corporate citizenship.
  12. In accordance with management policies, follow laws, rules, international rules, social customs and company regulations to maintain high ethics.
  13. Work for the development of the world community and diligently promote actions that contribute to society.
  14. Work to ensure corporate transparency by diligently disclosing information.
  15. Resist antisocial forces resolutely. Avoid transactions that fund or otherwise assist these forces.
  16. Value continuing education within the business. Work to develop expertise and creativity in yourself and others.
  17. Support an active work environment with fair personnel evaluations.
  18. Encourage animated communication. Support well-ventilated, transparent business activity.
  19. Avoid conflicts of interest. Maintain correct relationships with customers and suppliers. Keep a proper distance between your personal life and your business life.
  20. Obey the laws that relate to gift-giving and entertaining. Conduct these activities within the limits set by company policies.
  21. Follow accounting standards. Keep fair and accurate books and accounts.
  22. Follow credit management regulations. Manage credit relations properly.
  23. Regularly check the contents of contracts with counterparties and confirm mutual compliance.
  24. Exercise care in preparing contracts and other external documents, as well as internal documents. Preserve documents in accordance with applicable law and company policy.
  25. Take care to keep business activities and workplaces safe and sanitary.
  • The Hanwa Scholarship Foundation Corporate Citizenship