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Social Contribution Activities

Providing Financial Assistance for Education

Hanwa Scholarship Program Overview

Hanwa Scholarship Program, a public interest incorporated foundation, was established in April 1957 to commemorate our tenth anniversary.
Jiro Kita, our founder and the first president of the foundation, had himself had a hard time working his way through school and wished to provide assistance to help students financially to foster human resources that will benefit the nation. He dedicated 10 million yen to establish the foundation when the capital of the company was only 100 million yen.
In FY2015, a bursary program for international study was introduced, and approximately one million yen is granted for one year of study. In FY2021, the bursary program was extended to students in Japan, and 30 thousand yen per month of financial assistance is being paid to 20 specified universities. Because these are both bursaries, they do not need to be repaid. We are thus seeking to establish financial assistance programs that meet the needs of the times.

Jiro Kita

Founder, Hanwa Co.,Ltd.
And the Hanwa Scholarship
Jiro Kita(1912-1999)

Looking Ahead to More Achievements

The net assets of the Hanwa Scholarship Program in FY2020 was 686.22 million yen. A cumulative total of 1,177 students have been granted assistance: 84 graduate students, 898 university students, 151 high school students, and 44 international students. Many recipients of financial assistance continue their advancement in society—in academic, governmental, and legal professions in addition to industrial ones.

Cumulative total of financial assistance recipients up to FY2020

Supporting the Arts, Sports, Education, and Cultural Activities

We support various activities such as the arts and sports with donations and supportive activities, contributing to the sustained development of society.

New Japan Philharmonic

Public-private study abroad initiative

Sports Promotion Fund

Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research

Hands On Tokyo

Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra

Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition

Asuka Half Marathon

Osaka Symphony Orchestra

All Japan Judo Federation

T. League

Valqua Cup

Middle Army Band Supporters’ Association

Osaka City University Yumekikin (Dream Foundation)

The Kobe University Fund

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