Hanwa Co., Ltd.

Our Business

Expanding and deepening market positions in many sectors

Hanwa is a trading company with operations spanning non-ferrous metals, metals and alloys, food, petroleum and chemicals, machinery, lumber and many other business sectors. The company has solid positions in all of these businesses. As a trading company that performs many important roles, Hanwa will continue to enter more business fields in response to changes in the operating environment in order to meet the needs of customers.

Dedicated to meeting the needs of customers in a broad spectrum of industries, the Steel Division handles everything from steel plates, sheets and bars to construction materials.

One of the first companies to recycle aluminum, copper, nickel and chromium, Hanwa is at the forefront of effective resource recycling.

Handling prawns, crab and other seafood, and enjoying the top market shares in several product categories, we bring fine food products from around the world to tables throughout Japan.

As a trader in petroleum products, chemical products and paper materials, we cultivate durable relationships with customers by providing accurate information and responding swiftly to market needs.

To meet Japan's demand for housing and building materials, Lumber & Plywood Department imports and sells quality forest products and plywood from around the world and expands offshore trading operations.

Leisure Sector sells amusement facilities and supports in the creation of entertaining space, and Industrial Sector handles industrial machinery and steel processing machinery.

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