Hanwa Co., LTD.

Medium-term Business Plan

For the next decade, this business plan has the objectives of steady growth of Hanwa by earning profits in current business domains while achieving speedy earnings growth driven by group companies and strategic investments. In addition, there will be more strategic mergers, acquisitions and alliances to add more future sources of earnings.

Medium-term Business Plan Theme

The "Three S" Commitment –Steady, Speedy, Strategic
Build a medium to long-term sustainable profit structure and a stronger foundation

Quantitative Objectives

FY2015 FY2019
Net Sales
(Millions of yen)
1,511,800 2,000,000
Ordinary Profit
(Millions of yen)
OP Margin
New Customers
(Aggregate in 4 years)
2,075 2,700

Financial Strength

  1. Strategic Investments for Future Growth: 50 Billion Yen in Four Years
  2. Net Asset: 200 Billion Yen in FY2019
  3. Net DER: Less than 150% in Four Years

Group Strategy: Basic Frame and Concept

The basic concept for Hanwa's human resources and organization is "Professional & Global"e;. We are clearly stating our position that puts customers first. We will use HKQC (Hanwa Knowledge Quality Control) to improve business processes. By using these processes, we plan to conduct group business operations that further diversify our activities, facilitate unified group management and increase corporate value.

Basic Stance for Business Strategies

Value Chain Optimization

Our aim is maximizing earnings by capitalizing on all profit opportunities across the entire value chain. This will require higher efficiency and optimization at every stage of the value chain, from manufacturers and suppliers to users. To accomplish this, Hanwa willimplement assertive strategies centered on self-sustained growth and the diversification of business activities.

Build a More Powerful Base of Operations

Considering growth of our business operations as well as increasing number of group companies in mind, it is necessary to improve our corporate structure capable of allocating head office resources efficiently and effectively. There will be a relentless pursuit of efficiency while achieving the proper balance between respect for the independence of group companies and regions, based on their respective characteristics, and a integrated management system that prevent profit leakage.

  1. More financial discipline and the best capital structure
  2. A stronger group oversight framework
  3. Upgrade information systems and make substantial ICT investments
  4. Make the business climate the basis for training and using people

Fulfilling CSR activities with ESG management in mind

Responding to environmental, social and governance issues, we aim to enhance our long-term sustainability and increase our corporate value with untiring awareness of where our social positions should be.

  1. Build a recycling-based society and achieve environmental load reduction
  2. Use diversity as a management strategy for making the Hanwa Group stronger
  3. Promote social contributions as our growth proceeds
  4. Strengthen and enrich our corporate governance system
  • The Hanwa Scholarship Foundation Corporate Citizenship
  • Chemicals Depts Retail Team