Hanwa Co., LTD.

Sustainability News : 2018


Approach to Health and Productivity Management

Hanwa Co., Ltd established the following declaration on April 1st, 2018.
President, Hironari Furukawa will be the Chief Health Officer, and the “Health and Productivity Management Office”
will be set within the Personnel Department.

In order to realize sustainable growth as a “customer-first trading company”, that stays ahead of changing times, and serves value and quality to customers globally, the health of our employee’s (the company’s most valuable resource) is indispensable.

From now on, to improve and maintain the health of our employees and their family, the company will work hand-in-hand with the Hanwa Health Insurance Society and develop measures, to promote health and productivity management strategically.

Hanwa Health and Productivity Management Declaration [Enacted April 1st, 2018]
Hanwa Founder, Jiro Kita, had worked on human resource development and building a healthy working environment with the belief that “a trading company is its people”, and that “the prosperity of a company and the welfare of employees are inseparable like the two halves of the whole”.

Hanwa, with the basis of these beliefs, looks at the health management of employees from a business administration point of view. The company, employees, and our health insurance society will work as one, to promote the health of each employee and their family. By maintaining health, in both body and mind, of all employees, and promoting a working environment where employees can thrive, Hanwa will contribute to society as “distribution specialists”.


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