Hanwa Co., LTD.

Basic Policy

Basic Policy on Sustainability

Hanwa's aim is to contribute widely to society by satisfying the varied needs of customers as a distribution specialist. Our mission is to play a part in the sustainable development of the local community and the world through our business.
The world is facing environmental issues such as global warming and environmental pollution by wastes and social issues such as poverty and human rights violations.
We believe that promoting business activities that take the environment, society, and corporate governance into account and responding to the expectations of a variety of stakeholders will lead to sustainable growth.

Priority Sustainability Themes

We have six priority sustainability themes in our basic policy, including thorough legal compliance, environmental considerations, and good corporate citizenship. These are in harmony with the philosophy behind the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by United Nations Member States in 2015. With these themes, we will contribute to achieving a sustainable society.

Priority Sustainability Themes

Priority Theme 1


To fulfill our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen and to be recognized as having corporate value by our stakeholders, we are working to establish a transparent management structure through proactive disclosure.

Priority Theme 2


We believe that it is indispensable for our sustained growth that each employee holds a high ethical standard and acts according to the common sense and rules of society. All our officers and employees comply thoroughly with regulations in daily corporate activities, and we are working to build a corporate culture that is open-minded and ethical.

Priority Theme 3

Initiatives for Social Issues

We believe that a trading company is its people and that the prosperity of a company and the welfare of its employees are inseparable like the two halves of a whole. We are therefore pressing forward in building an environment where all employees can thrive and in developing personnel. We also view the management of employee health from a business administration standpoint and work to promote the health of each employee and their family.

Priority Theme 4

Business-Related Initiatives

Initiatives for Environmental Issues

We have declared as the basic philosophy of our environmental policy to “strive to realize sustainable development so that future generations will be able to inherit a rich global environment,” and each employee is working with this policy in mind.

Priority Theme 5

Initiatives for Social Issues

We are undertaking many activities to contribute widely to the local community and the world as a company that responds to the expectation of society and as a good corporate citizen.

Priority Theme 6


As we invest as necessary for sustained growth, we believe it is vital to maintain fiscal discipline and to optimize our capital structure.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

Our CSR Committee has taken the lead in establishing an environmental policy and guidelines for environmental corporate action, and in promoting our environmental management program. These are reviewed regularly by internal committee members and external specialists.
The operation is organic, in collaboration with the Compliance Committee, the Environmental Promotion Committee, the Hanwa Scholarship Program, and other bodies.

Sustainability Promotion Structure
  • The Hanwa Scholarship Foundation Corporate Citizenship