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Basic Policy

Message from the President and Representative Director

We have accumulated experience and accomplishments for over 70 years, with a corporate philosophy of coping with changes of the times and the market quickly and making a broad contribution to society by satisfying various needs of customers as a “distribution specialist.”

Today, the world is facing various global environmental and social problems, their scale and scope continue to expand, and uncertainty about the future is increasing at an accelerating rate.
The transition to a decarbonized economy and a sound material-cycle society can brook no delay, and all companies need to make efforts toward attaining a sustainable global environment and society.

Under a strong governance structure and with our own unique approach, we will continue to take on challenges together with our stakeholders to resolve various sustainability issues such as the conservation of environmental resources and biodiversity, and respect for human rights, which will lead to increased corporate value over the medium to long term.

Yoichi Nakagawa

Yoichi Nakagawa

Sustainability Basic Policy

In April 2022, we formulated the Hanwa Group Sustainability Basic Policy. This policy is based on our corporate philosophy and values, and it supports our company in coexisting with the earth and society and developing sustainably.

Hanwa Group Sustainability Basic Policy

As a “distribution specialist” (advocated in the corporate philosophy) that identifies with various stakeholders and grasps their needs, the Hanwa Group will connect with stakeholders through tangible and intangible services, make a broad contribution to society, and pass on a prosperous earth and comfortable society to the next generation.

1.Attaining sustainability through business

As a distributor, we will build a sustainable supply chain and contribute to industries and society by grasping the needs of suppliers and users at every stage and providing a wide variety of products and services.

2.Creating a sound and transparent organization

We aim for management that is responsive to the various stakeholders by all sharing the values of the company creed (Trust, honesty, ingenuity, harmonious cooperation, contribution) and making decisions that take regulatory compliance and risk into consideration through appropriate and transparent processes.

3.Creating a workplace where diverse personalities blend and enhance one another

By providing a healthy and stress-free work environment for diverse employees regardless of nationality or gender, and by providing a stage commensurate with one’s abilities, we will foster a place where we can enthusiastically strive for self-development and self-improvement and work hard together.

4.Passing down a rich global environment

We will conserve ecosystems by observing trading rules and environmental regulations, making effective use of resources and reducing the environmental burden, passing on to future generations a global environment with less climate change and pollution, where a wide variety of organisms coexist and natural resources such as forests and oceans are used sustainably.

5.Making a society where everyone can live comfortably a reality

We will create global partnerships and contribute to the development of comfortable and healthy international and local communities by respecting individual human rights, cultural and customary differences between countries and regions, not taking part in human rights abuses or discrimination, and through cross-border transactions.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

The CSR Committee was taken a step further in October 2021 to establish the Sustainability Promotion Committee. This committee will analyze and track the progress of issues that we must work on in a sustained and continuous manner. Discussions of the committee are reported to the Board of Directors when appropriate, and directions are received as necessary.

Sustainability Promotion Structure
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