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Initiatives for Environmental Issues

Initiatives for Environmental Issues

We have declared as the basic philosophy of our environmental policy to “strive to realize sustainable development so that future generations will be able to inherit a rich global environment,” and each employee is working with this policy in mind.

Environmental Policy

Basic Philosophy

The Hanwa Group, based on its Hanwa Knowledge Quality Control (HKQC), strives to improve the quality of its daily operations. With “Footwork, Teamwork, and Network” as a motto, we will do our utmost as a trading company with a presence to achieve sustainable development so that we will be able to pass on a rich global environment to future generations.

Guidelines for corporate action and major initiatives

Guidelines for corporate action and major initiatives

Environmental Management Structure

Hanwa has appointed an Environmental Committee and has implemented an environmental management system (EMS). The environment management leads of the departments are responsible for maintaining and managing the company’s EMS. The Environment and CSR & Environment Department functions to support the Environmental Committee Secretariat and Environmental Manager. Internal Environment Auditors are selected from among persons who have completed the internal auditor training provided by our certification registration body, and internal audits are performed twice a year.

Environmental Management Structure

Continuous Improvement of the EMS

Internal Environment Audit

Each period, Internal Environment Auditors performs internal Environment audits. Emphasis is placed on whether measures for achieving goals and plans are clear; whether appropriate monitoring is being performed; whether risk-finding, including legal and regulatory matters, and conformance procedures and evaluations are appropriate; and whether anything had been pointed out in the previous internal EMS audit and external inspection and whether they have been corrected.

External Audit

Each period, an external audit of selected departments is performed by the company LRQA. The external audit focuses on the effectiveness of our EMS.
In addition, assessment for renewal of the ISO 14001 certification is performed every three years.

Scope of ISO 14001 certification

Promotion of Environmental Awareness

In operating the EMS, we hold environment training regularly each year for new section managers and new environment managers. Along with an overview of the ISO14001 standard and explanation of the environmental management manual, regulatory compliance, risk management, effective use of resources, and improvement of operations are given weighted coverage.

Management Review

The Environmental Committee performs a management review on EMS-related activities for each period.

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